Песня Accept - London Leatherboys 1984

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Исполнитель: Accept

Название песни: London Leatherboys (1984)

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Текст песни Accept - London Leatherboys (1984)

Walking down the main street
I see the city's face
Boys dressed in leather
Girls dressed in lace
See the easy riders
They're roaring down their way
They need to give full speed ahead
They've been bunched together
To keep their crazy life
They turn on the power
Get wrecked every night
Got some kind of feeling
Looking in his eyes
I feel the power surge to a head

London leatherboys
Nightmare's pleasure, what you've done
London leatherboys all together
All together - nightmare's pleasure

After all the roaring
The sound of silence scares
Girl of the leader
Cried in his arms
Don't you see the danger
When we are running wild
Please stop the games, it's getting late

London leatherboys
Nightmare's pleasure, what you've done

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