Песня Pakito - скай-денс группа поддержки жбк "Вологда-Чеваката". ВАКИНК

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Исполнитель: Pakito

Название песни: скай-денс группа поддержки жбк "Вологда-Чеваката". ВАКИНК

Продолжительность mp3: 04:45

Дата добавления: 2015-08-31

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Текст песни Pakito - скай-денс группа поддержки жбк "Вологда-Чеваката". ВАКИНК

I want you to take your broom, and sweep my yard
You’d better brush it good, or we’re gonna fall apart
Don’t give me no shorcutting, you have all day and night
I have a satisfiser
You’d better do it right

~ Chorus ~
What are you waiting for?
Put your back in it!
Just a little more,
Throw your waste in it now!
Tell your body again,
Walk it hard and long!
When you finish that,
How’d you go down town.

Go down (* 3)
Come up (* 4)
Go down (* 4)
Come up (* 4)

What you came to do,
Just remember that!
And don’t pick my fruits,
You have put them back!
You started walking nice,
With that bedroom stick
Now you’re even back,
Like you were a brick.

~ Chorus ~

Go down (* 6)
Come up (* 6)

Oh yes baby,yeah... I like it what you do with my yard
You do work well
The Yard Man

I find you’re looking nervous,it’s like you’re afraid to feel,
Now you’re making issues, about your feeling hands
Just don’t waste my time, cause’ you’ll get me mad
I have ...Work your broomst?ck hard!

~ Chorus ~ (* 2)

Go down (* 7)
Come up (* 7)
Go down (* 7)
Come up (* 7)

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